How to turn off your Airbag Light

Steering Wheel Airbag

AirbagThe first step in removing a deployed driver or passenger airbag is to disconnect the battery.  This step is very important because safety bags contain an explosive gas and they can hold a charge as long as they have a power source.  Once the battery has been disconnected then the next step is to remove the SRS diagnostic module to turn off the airbag light, commonly referred to as the airbag computer.  If the airbag needing replacement is in the steering wheel or dashboard (Frontal airbags) we’ll start with the removal of the steering wheel airbag.  This bag is usually secured with 2 bolts and they are accessible by removing the plastic caps on the rear of the steering wheel.  An 8 millimeter socket will fit most airbags but I recommend you check with your Volvo or Mercedes airbag dealer to make sure you have the correct socket.  Once the bolts are removed then simply unplug the driver air bag and remove it from the steering wheel.


Side (passenger) Airbag light

Now although the driver airbag isn’t too difficult to remove the passenger side or dashboard bag is more of a challenge.  The hardest part of removing a dash board airbag
Is locating the bolts.  In some cases you’ll have to remove the glove box while in other cases the upper dash panel will have to be completely removed in order to access the bolts that secure the airbag. If for any reason you think the job is too difficult then consult a qualified installer or airbag mechanic.


Light Flashing Airbag

The seat may first have to be removed because the module is usually located under the passenger side seat.  The other common location is the center of the dashboard, just above the ash tray or behind the factory radio.  I suggest you consult your dealer to find the exact location of your airbag module.  Again make sure the battery is disconnected before attempting to reset the airbag light or turning off the airbag light.  Once the airbag light is off then your air bag system is ready.


Crash Sensors

The airbag sensors are usually located by the front bumper and they will be secured to the core support usually near the lower section of the radiator.  The sensors send the signal to the airbag module to deploy the bags in the unlikely event of an accident.  So If you plan on replacing your deployed airbag system understand that you’ll need the driver, passenger or side airbags.  You will also need the airbag module and the SRS sensor to turn off the air bag light.


Airbag Light

airbag light

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