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Buy a set of axiom airbags and see how much cash you'll save. All of the parts we have for sale are new and used Isuzu air bags. We sell replacement airbags for all axiom cars and trucks. Repair your deployed airbag system at safety

Ask about the discounts we offer to axiom repair centers, salvage yards and insurance companies.

If your axiom has been wrecked and requires a salvage inspection we can provide axiom VIN numbers(upon request) to assist you in getting your airbag light turned off and your axiom back on the road.

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Axiom airbag replacement. Repair your defective axiom air bags and avoid paying expensive Dealership prices. We only sell OEM Equipment! This means the axiom parts we have for sale are identical to what you'll find at your local axiom parts department. The only difference is the price. We can usually offer a savings of 40-70 % off isuzu's list price. Why shop Elsewhere? Click the 2002 axiom images to get a price quote and view all the parts we have for sale. Turn off your dash light and fix your airbags with a used set of OEM replacement air bags, module or sensor.

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